3d Modeling


Drawing studies


I’m Mimi — born and raised in Austin, Texas. I've discovered a fantastic little industry in which people draw a lot, make up characters, and produce scenes and stories about them. These are all things I've loved doing since I was a child.

Following my artistic calling into the animation industry, I am currently studying 3d modeling and rigging. Ultimately I seek to surround myself with rigorous creativity, innovative thinkers, and fun open-minded people!

Did somebody say...

  • ANIMATION? Yes please!
  • MUSIC? I'm a classically trained violist. What's that? A person who plays viola. What's that? Sigh...
  • X-MEN?? I owe a great amount of drawing improvement to my childhood obsession with these characters, their relationships, and their stories. And I have a 3" ring binder filled with mega fan art of X-Men in ridiculous situations to prove it.
  • ARCHITECTURE? This was my major in university. It opened up multidisciplinary interests, leading to work opportunities and experiences in graphic design, industrial design, urban transporation design, and sustainability design research.
  • BICYCLES? One of the greatest inventions ever.
  • TACTICAL URBANISM? I'm all for people taking initiatives to create fun experiences, bond with their community, and even shake things up for the greater good...
  • CHICKENS? Love these creatures!
  • Name: Mimi Kwan
  • Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Drawing
  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Contact: email